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Everything at the same time

A stage is carefully devised with an assembly of invented instruments, simple enough to be operated by a single performer. By submitting to the physicality (or character) of the instrument and the metaphysical relationships of materials, I am conveying into a romantic and indeterminate, improvised sound composition. I aim to invoke a fragile and concentrated poetry which challenges the urge to rationally understand and derive 'meaning'. I want to make 'sense', in the sense, to make my audience 'sense' and not phenomenologically deduce a definite 'sense'.


About aboutness

Establishing an understanding of a black hole through the alternating relationships between its surrounding events in (in)finite space time. The changing relationship among distances between these temporary circumstances can be estimated, but its 'aboutness' remains a momentary abstract construction. In simpler words, what I am searching for can not be defined but only estimated through its surroundings, thus the 'nature' of 'it' only habituates an undefinable space between other uncertainties, which in some cases again, can only be estimated through their respective 'aboutness'.