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ArtScience (BA)

Loudly banging tennis balls in polyrhythmic structures in contrast to subtly moving strings of fabric in the air. Philosophical ponderings about the invisible image opposed to concentrated, improvised music on self-built instruments. The sound of splashing water, or the pure sound of sine waves through basic mathematical shapes, next to the enlarged absurdity of our economic systems. This year’s ArtScience Bachelor graduates all create their own mesmerising and often immersive worlds. They show how they transform their individual fascinations into experiences that capture the audience and make them wonder about the world we live in.

The ArtScience Interfaculty is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire, since the conception of its Bachelor’s programme in 1989 as the Image & Sound Interfaculty (with a Master’s programme since 1999). Our students are curiosity-driven researchers who focus on phenomena in nature and science, society and all artistic disciplines, in order to develop new types of art, new types of experiences and new types of artists for the twenty-first century.

We are proud of these new ArtScientists who are ready to face the future.

Taconis Stolk, Head of the Bachelor & Master ArtScience Interfaculty

ArtScience (BA)