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Winner of the Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: ArtScience

Philip Vermeulen (NL)

Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: ArtScience




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The installation is an immersive visceral acoustic instrument. Two heavy duty shooters are shooting balls up to 150 km/h. 14 meters through the air. Smashing on two sound boxes. The ball hits back 14 meters through the air inside the resonating catchers back in the system. ∞

The Physical Rhythm Machine or PRM shoots different compositions. Funky rhythm compositions by Vermeulen and algorithmic non metric 'rhythms' by the machine itself. PRM shoots the compositions in bitter violence which are made visible while resonating the space and the bodies of the audience.

This project is made possible inter alia as part of the Summer Sessions network with V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media, with the support of the Creative Industries Fund NL.


Brewing The Sublime

This cookbook investigates different ingredients used by chefs around the world throughout history to brew and play with the phenomena: The Sublime. Ingredients such as: Fight Flight Response, Over and Under Stimulating Ecstatic Truth Bewilderment, Attraction to Volcanoes Tsunamis and OD's, Hard Forms, power and electricity, and Hallucinations, Terror and speech. From the god part towards the biological response, from theatre play to digital signals. A must-have for every kitchen.

Served by Chefs such as: Pseudo Longinus, Burke, Kant, David Nye, Kurt Hentschläger and the author himself describing recipes that brew and play with the sublime. Combined by layers like lasagna and with anecdotes from the author.