Kabk17 dots lila



Fictive presences - odd characters and personalities - with sun kissing attitudes. The nagging sound of a hammer in your head - allergic to your own sweat. Don’t drop your birthmarks on the floor. Here I present to you, my overwhelming hodgepodge of colourful sculptures and images, portraying my fears as well as my fantasies. Ranging from humour to tragedy, to be as playful as gloomy.


THE ARTIST STUDIO AS AN EVENT: From the physical to the virtual

In my thesis I seek for the possibility to consider the artist studio as an event. I am aware of the fact that the word event can refer to a broad range of things like a strike, a benefit concert, a destructive climate catastrophe and even an intense experience while looking at art. In my thesis I will refer to event as the act of creating – the unstable stage in which the work is not yet determined: I see the event as the moment a certain exchange happens between the work and the space it is being created in.