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My works are a visionary exploration through a series of concepts and experiences, though some are seemingly of mundane and routine nature, while actually they stand on the edge of science and philosophy. By digging into them, they have the potential to destruct conventions of thought and the understanding of reality. By this exploration, I suggest and open ways to examine the comprehension of alternative modes of perceiving information, being and prehension of consciousness. Expanding definitions and boundaries of language, and therefore our understanding. This subject includes the main body of my work and research. Inspired by human's first attempts to record and communicate knowledge, I explore through human evolution.


Psychedelics and modes of subjective experience

In this thesis I discuss psychedelic phenomenology and consider the philosophical point of view on such experiences. These naturally occurring substances ,which have had role in human rituals since ancient times, and their effect on modern culture. They have opened up doors to our future. Considering the role of these substances in our culture, art and philosophy, and trying to integrate them into our language system, can play an important role in unfolding new paths to comprehension of our existence and modes of perception.