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Things are the way they are for a reason. Reason is important in today’s world. One must be reasonable. I like to say the works in this presentation are not about anything in particular. But I hope you will see this is not true. There is a large overlap between sense and nonsense. Playfulness, compulsion, technical skill, chance, repetition, counting, music, humour, time, the studio, the everyday - these are important things. My way of working is associative, intuitive, open. I start somewhere, and end up somewhere else. Which seems to me how much of life goes.


Things I might have said

Things I might have said is an artist's book. On occasion, I would be visited in my studio by artists Bruce Nauman and Daan van Golden. This was of course a great honour and pleasure. We would talk about my work and I learned a great deal. In this book I present some transcripts of these talks. In addition the book contains some texts and images from my archive. These provide some insight into my work and also serve as a sort of record of my thoughts at this point in time, although the collection is not complete and I do not claim that anything is necessarily true.