Kabk17 dots lila


Modeltekenen / Figure Drawing

“When you have one, you have one. When you have two, you’ve got the space between, plus you’ve got difference. And difference is where everything opens up.” (Roni Horn)
My work at this graduation exposition consists of two sets of mikado. They look identical, but after looking at them more closely, one sees that they are different. Every day a pair of siblings drops a set and reconstructs a set. One set freezes in a random configuration. The other becomes a carefully constructed copy. Or perhaps: an interpretation that results from watching closely, just like in figure drawing.
By transforming one object into another, some qualities get lost, while new qualities may arise. Or: an erroneous translation comes into existence.


De plank misslaan

The Flamish writer and philosopher Patricia de Martelaere once wrote:
“.. perhaps this is the essence — one of the essences — of art: one tries to accomplish something with — above all — the wrong means.”
Her observation led to my series of essays and prose. At stake is the relationship between art, reality and experience. My aim is to show that no experience can capture reality as it is and no single language can convey our experiences as they are. A space opens up between reality and our experience of it, and between our experiences and the language that describes them. My thesis has been published in literary magazine Extaze.