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His themes are being presented with a sometimes cynical smirk, that is characteristic for Jim Mooijekind. The jokingly titled graduation project ‘FINE ARTS’ stems out of the artists outsider position within the arts. In his four years at the academy he didn't feel connected to any of the hypes or movements that where imposed on him, or that where regarded ”hip”. By embracing this fact he created a field for himself where there is room for play and a well synchronized link between the work and the artist as a person. The ‘FINE ARTS’ project is a selection of work that shows diversity in material and tries to bring play and freedom back into an art world that, at times, takes itself too a little too seriously.



Using the guidance of french philosopher Albert Camus his book “The Myth Of Sisyphus”, Jim Mooijekind researched the absurd elements within the work and practice of the artist he sees as his artistic family.