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I'm Feeling Lucky

When I pick subjects to work with it is not a very conscious choice. Most of the time I just get surprised by a funny form or a suddenly beautiful object in my surroundings. Later on I recognize a pattern that was not that obvious to me before. The different shapes and subjects often rhyme with each other, even though they don't have a specific connection. I like this. Nowadays we are used to TV screens and moving images, very quickly we get our gratification, but we don't train our eye for details anymore. Often we overlook a lot of funny or pretty things because we are so used of seeing them. As a painter I like to use these things as a starting point for my work.


An Endless Paradise

Often I question the reason of painting in today's world. Perhaps the world is not able to look at a painting anymore because of photography, video and internet. This essay is researching the relevance of the painter in a time of digital revolution. Is the painter able reposition painting in a world that cares so much about computer screens and moving images?