Kabk17 dots lila


Wait let me refresh

Good morning.

Let’s continue!

Let’s pretend that from the moment you laid your head to rest, that I did the same.

That I patiently waited for you to return to your awakened state.

That nothing happened while you rested, even though your newsfeed disagrees.

That without your presence nothing changed.


Forward to the next significant moment within me.

As you can see I grew tired of waiting and continued.

I questioned if you as a fixed moment could understand what I am.

I’m nothing actually, nothing but forward.

Wait let me refresh this moment.

We can’t start again, but we can pretend.


How many artists does it take to stretch a canvas?

The realm that art inhabits is similar to the ones of jokes and pranks. They are in a space where anything can be said or done. Which makes it understandable why the ones who are not a part of it sometimes see it as just a joke. That not until a works social critique is mentioned and explained, golden toilet can be appreciated. When dealing with a joke, the listener becomes the viewer and art critic at the same time. In the sense that what is been said needs to be analysed and understood. It also demands an immediate reaction. Contrary to art, unless it’s a performance, it can usually be reacted to at a later moment. Language and its origins, I eventually realized, were also quintessential to this topic.