Kabk17 dots lila


Untrammelled, away she goes

A machine making toast, doing my laundry and with you I go around and come around. You invent me and I invent you. We invent one another.

Your existence is triggering my curiosity, affecting my capacity and seeking my animation.

Familiar on the surface. Loosing my grip as I strip you down. Allowing me to choose.


Feeling the Seen

Hypothetically could we consider works of art as physical mediators of temporary events, as entities which stimulates the beholders presence and consciousness by triggering cognitive and affective processes and, in doing so, drawing attention to the relation between self and object.

My thesis has been a tool to deepen my understanding of the complex relationship between one's sensing body and the lived experience. Starting by investigating the interrelation between one's senses, and how their interaction structures one's perception.