Kabk17 dots lila


Handshake juice : freshly squeezed fingers

The cast of a cast of a cast of a cast. The representation of a tool. A broken art object. An unfinished thought.

Through sculpture I research the moments where I seem to get close to understanding the language of materials. An attempt to make thoughts physical, to mark an empty space, to shape the formless. The failing moment where I realize that what I have created has become alien to me, even-though it came from me. Through performance I venture to understand the sculptures' personalities, their possibilities of becoming, perhaps, what they wish to be.

A performance lecture about the process of making and what comes along with it.


Flood: How does meaning and interpretation when looking at art influences on the viewers?

The use of speech to communicate.

A sentimental pleasure in words, in non-familiar meanings.

A mental space outside ordinary experience and the limitations of spoken language.

A stone is not necessarily seen as such, it opens a possibility to also become a sculpture, a boundary marker.

How we interpret objects is how we give meaning to our lives.