Kabk17 dots lila


A Landscape

Landscape is the world outside and I am looking for ways to show this that use the gap between the 2D and the 3D, between the visual and the proprioceptive.

I’m an adventurer and the landscape for me is a physical, sensual thing, perceivable through its objects and through its natural layers of growth. This current work is the latest in a series of landscapes that arise out of explorations of local coastal woodland.

It is a landscape embodied through natural forms which from repeated visits I know by heart. The process of creating this work involved painting the memory of the physical forms and hanging them in such a way that allows the viewer to simultaneously view them and perceive their space.


Significance, Landscape and Other

Poems, stories and a consideration of why we draw, what we draw and how we experience landscape. Because we are always situated within the world. It is never an external thing. Even when it is.