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The Genesis of A Romantic Painter That Eventually Fell in Love With A Tree; In Zeven Scènes

A temporary theatre that demonstrates the 'Mystery of a practice'. A Romantic attitude. Gerolamore takes back the Sturm Und Drang from the pocket to reveal a life, useful for re-creating a feeling.
Beyond the brush there is a practice that is Painting, that is Theatre, that is Life.
The Romantic Painter is Engagement. The Work is the process of A trace of what the 'outside' once gave.
Gerolamore got something, A Tree. -It is about Love- Gerolamore wants to give it back.
“If I want to paint a landscape it's because I Love the landscape and because I want to be the landscape! Therefore the best place for the landscape is the landscape.” G.L.C.


A Day With Half A Moon / Dialogical assumptions

How does the formalization of content dictate its connotation for the reader?

According to the intertextuality within poetic and prose and thoughts

Are dialogical assumptions valuable for a constructive research?

Taking into account the power of a poetic process restrained within a dialogue

May we reconsider our own words, thoughts and presumptions?

The main problematization is the perception of colour.

It is a pursuit for the dialogue, an engagement of the other speaker, to feel in contact.

From colours to rules, to philosophy, to language, to methods of learning, to history, to fiction, to art, to life.