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Winner of the Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Fine Arts

Luis Maly (GR)

Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Fine Arts




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Thanatophobia - ESR (12)5

My grandfather died some years ago. After the funeral, we ate fish soup at my grandmother’s house. This is a greek tradition. Six years have passed since then, we still keep some objects of his such as his shaver, his robe and other belongings. These objects, that did not play an important role in our life, had suddenly gained a great sentimental value.
Blood tests should be carried out often because a great deal of information about a person’s health condition can be determined. Misreading a blood value though, may cause great stress.
No one came back from death and told us how it was.


Venice Biennale 2015 VS Fifa Euro 2016

Two passions, my profession and my free time, art and sports. Why does a museum feel so different to a live football game. In my thesis I conducted a comparative analysis of the Venice Biennale 2015 and Fifa Euro 2016 using five parameters linked to leisure. So who will win, the Euro or the Biennale?