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Garden Of Delight

I Am Here
I Am Real
To Get Me Going
To Make Me Free
To Keep From Spinning
To Keep Me On Going

Everytime I Fly
Without You
I Fall
I Guess I Need You

I Make-Believe That You Are Here
But I Feel So Small
I Guess I Need You
I See You In My Dreams
Haunting Me
I Guess I Need You

I Want You So Bad
I Want To Be Free
I Want To Be

Keep On Going

Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Run
The Garden Of Delight Trilogy is a film about hope, faith, love and death. The protagonist sees his own nightmares in repeat, meets his big brother as a futuristic flying machine and stares his own fears in the eye. All in a desperate search for freedom. Will he manage? A mesmerising sci-fi thriller.


The Quest Of Bob The Elephant

Bob is my avatar. He will guide you through my thoughts and he will guide me through this quest. I chose Bob because he is always here. No matter what room I am in, he is there in the corner. He hides from the others, because he is afraid of being seen. But, not in this fantasy, then he is real. He is here, and he makes it all so clear. I always see him, but now, I think the others do as well. Hopefully we can talk to him, and about him, without any fear.
Bob embrace the difference, and tries to make it all true. Why? Why not? Again and again. Like a child before bedtime, he will never let go. He thinks he wants the answers, but he loves the questions even more...