Kabk17 dots lila

Winner of the Jan Roëde Award


L'arco e la Lancia

Remembering where i come from. Saints, Madonnas and crosses are the symbols of this Italian legacy. I move through video, clay and paint in order to glorify once more the inevitable death of my God. Even though he just won't die yet. The beauty of my tradition won't disappear, if anything it will just morph.


Why are we charmed by decadence and decay? Painters and artists of present and past time around the subject

'Go into piazza Santa Maria Novella, in Florence, and as you approach the intricate façade of the church you will notice that, if you want, you can steal it. Not the whole, but perhaps some fragments of stone that fall apart if touched just right, there at the height of your wrists.' What makes the decadence of beauty, youth, power, of matter, appealing? Is this feeling of charm for decay transmittable in painting?