Kabk17 dots lila


A Journey

As I took the train every morning, I looked at dark thin branches of trees with bright winter light shining through. They looked like hair and I began to see hairy women everywhere. Many women in battle or in need of protection. Strange women in fur coats passed me by. Women accused of erupting like volcanoes right next to me. A tale of hairy women was born, and I traveled with them for a while. Now I know, every woman is a hairy woman, there is one in every living room.


On Atmospheres, Expression, Looking in Rooms

Oh, why must curtains cover windows? I enter the atmospheres of foreign living rooms uninvited. So many living rooms. Living rooms repeat certain universal stories. Real life in stories is easier to process. Materials like clay, plaster, and paint, help me get close. I let what I see and feel take over.