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Frequent repetition of something peculiar makes it ordinary. What is exceptional for some people can be normal for others. Within my works I try to analyse and research the boarders between fear and security, pleasure and pain, guilt and innocence, imagination and reality, ordinary and odd. My way of working is very intuitive, I start with something real and physical (a photograph or an object I found) and then I develop a story. It is never a structural story, there is no end or beginning. Every story is a new battle where I am fighting with traditions, my morals, principles and myself. No guilt is present.


Monsters under my bed. Fear as creation.

Even in a peaceful moments I would have the desire to find a challenge, to excite my imagination, so that feeling of anxiety comes back. My research topic was mainly fears, and their influence on our actions. I tried to analyse and to question their origins. In my opinion, by communicating and facing your frights and your demons, you become more honest to yourself, therefore more free and genuine.