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The Reflecting Knowledge '93

When objects are sampled they hold the value of nothing, until the meaning or the reference of that specific object is evoked by a meeting between the spectator and it. When that moment becomes charged with past memories or internal conflicts, it takes you to an unfamiliar place that still is so familiar. The artist works as an ethnographer, collecting visual evidence of our modern culture with a certain overview never seen before. Sometimes a disruption develops between the memory of the past and the reality of an experience, and it is exactly at those moments where I have found the inspiration for my work.


The Power Of The Object

The power of the object. Our own perception of our existence and reality influenced by hyper reality. A common object as art? How do we define an artwork by looking at the context over the material? We all have our own perception on taste, looking at aesthetics and value. Value and the authorship of borrowed elements from daily subjects, our perception on reality influenced by hyper reality.