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The 7 C's

To find the centre of the world, Zeus released two bulls from the edges of the universe, heading in opposite directions. Wherever the beasts would meet, would be the ‘Omphalos’ – the navel of the world. But as they gained more momentum, the bulls collided into a new formation; the double headed bull, with one head facing to the front and one to the back, condemned to walk circles around itself just above the Omphalos, in a state of inert indecisiveness.

The 7 C’s entwines myth, fantasy & reality, stemming from a fascination with bovine symbols. A particular interest is the recurring association with affluence & economic robustness. The golden calf, the NY charging bull. How are these narratives reiterated in times of faltering economies?


The Fistulated Cow

“Start by entering your fingertips. If you’re not sure how to carry your hand, it’s recommended you form a kind of point, by touching the tips of your fingers with your thumb.” The practice of fistulation allows us to have direct access into the rumen of a cow (a compartment of a bovine’s stomach) through a permanent round opening on the animal’s side. What does this surgical modification, akin to a design intervention on a living body imply? And how does it connect to the existing iconography that links bovines to ideas of fertility, prosperity and abundance? Is there a place for cows in contemporary art discourse or has interest in their symbolic value faded over time? If so, what could a new icon -the fistulated cow- signify?