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By removing the characteristic of an object, it becomes less familiar. Now it is more disengaged from its function. Without function there is more space for a development into a transformation that goes beyond that what’s recognizable. A different position or an illogical connection enhances this estrangement. I pursue this thought in order to reach a form of rest and standstill. I work from the material itself, that on the one hand dictates me in how a form should develop, but on the other hand I try to determine. Hereby it is interesting to put these concrete forms together so they take effect, without necessarily belonging together.


The Scientific Method and the Visual Arts

In my thesis I do an attempt to apply the scientific method on the visual arts. Within science this method operates as a qualitative benchmark that contains a judgment of value on an experiment and the knowledge that it gained. The goal hereby is to be able to separate ‘real’ sciences from pseudo-sciences. On the contrary I don’t use the scientific method in order to reach a qualitative benchmark on visual arts. I apply it so that it can give a clarifying view on the development of art-currents and the practice of visual artists.