Kabk17 dots lila


Solid and Delicate

My works grow from each other in a process of repetition with diverse mediums. They try to be together even though they are made of different materials like fabrics, ceramics, and paintings. Each time they are arranged differently in space, to make viewers experience manifold expressions of the human body and its surface, that are solid and delicate at the same time to the externals. The inner and outer surfaces in the surroundings are marked with traces of memories, either temporarily or permanently. It is not always to be aware of the body in detail, but its presence exists longer in the works.



The definition of ‘uncanny’ is strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way and here, ‘canny’ means having or showing astuteness and good judgment. My idea of uncanny artworks attract viewers aesthetically but have an odor of suspicion. In my thesis, I question a duality of uncanny works and if there can conceivably be a poke in the eye regarding a context and image of uncanny artworks. I analyze this related to a controversial subject and material of the human body in the selected works.