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Alice Fialová (CZ)




Internship at Studio ZZZ, Mikuláš Macháček

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The Realm of The Right Hemisphere

Can we train our intuition as much as we train our analytical thinking? Could we raise a new generation that makes decisions conscious of both? Our modernity is set on accelerating tools and we strive for calculability, efficiency and profit. Processed food, gym culture, pornography, virtual relationships etc., show we adapted to the mechanistic methods not only in business, but also in our personal lives, which provokes loss of emotional connection and sensitivity towards our environment. This project aims to trigger a switch between the rational and emotional perception and invites you to awaken your senses and imagination.


Is the posthuman still a human creation or is it rather an unfortunate consequence of our hasty progress?

My Thesis takes the invention of the World Wide Web and its influential evolution as a starting point of a research exploring what originally comprises the human gene and how we can preserve human in the advanced technology in order to not subjugate to our tools exceeding the intelligence of an individual. Knowing our (human) nature can only make us better designers that hopefully take into account the long-term prosperity over the capitalistic priorities.