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Antonia Schwaiger (DE)



Internship at Bureau Borsche / Sueddeutsche Zeitung Magazine

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The Lost Word Dictionary

Through language, we can create, examine, and test concepts, those intangible figments of human thought and imagination, those playful flights of fantasy. The English language has hit about one million words and it‘s expanding fast. But in the world of everyday usage our language is shrinking like the polar ice caps. When we lose a language, we lose centuries of human thinking about time, seasons, sea creatures, reindeer, edible flowers, mathematics, landscapes, myths, music, the unknown and the everyday. With my project 'The lost Word Dictionary' I want to open a door and invite a few of those forgotten, half-remembered and fun words out for a stroll and make them happy again.


A Thesis On Neuroaesthetics

Neuroaesthetics is a quite new but rapidly growing field. I want to take a look at where it comes from, where the field is now, and what lies ahead. It can be characterized as the cognitive neurosciences of aesthetic experience, drawing on long traditions of research in empirical aesthetics on the one hand and cognitive neurosciences on the other. I will provide a short introduction into the field of neurasthenics in terms of the history, the pioneers as well as science based study lab examples and the examination of contemporary art installations of Olafur Eliasson, in order to clarify the aim of the field. Even though neurasthenics as a field is very discussed I am convinced that the cognitive nonscientific approach may develop in a manne