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Talking through motifs

My project is about motifs that symbolize life. For centuries a poetic way of communicating existed through symbols used in Turkish carpets, the kilim. Restricted in their freedom, illiterate Anatolian women developed motifs, weaving their stories into their kilim. The meaning of this language is now lost. We only see meaningless abstract patterns and do not read the stories anymore. How can I bring back this rich way of talking through motifs? In order to understand the old language and make new stories, different women with different backgrounds were asked to visualize their own story. We all have a story to tell, what's your story?


Typografie als 'visuele' taal (Typography as 'visual' language)

In my thesis I research the following questions: How has typography changed and expanded in the past century? Is typography only crucial within graphic design, or does it also play a big role in other disciplines? How influential are society’s and mass media’s roles in experimenting with typographic design? What is the influence of the West on typographical renewal of the Middle East in this modern time?