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The Temple of the Digital Oracle

In our well-developed modern world, we seek quick and convenient answers on the internet. This eventually extends to consulting the internet for answers regarding human dilemmas. However, unlike the definitive answers that are offered on the internet, answers pertaining to human dilemmas tend to be limited and generic. By relying mostly on online search engines, are we limiting the possibilities of finding answers to these questions? Do we really have access to the sources for the answers we seek? ’The Temple of the Digital Oracle’ is a modern digital platform that predicts answers to the question: ‘How to have a good life?’


A Journey to Nothingness

How can ‘nothingness’ be applied as a concept in graphic design? This research question examines the investigation of the connectivity between ‘nothingness’ or ‘minimizing designer involvement’ in graphic design. It challenges the reader to accept ‘nothingness,’ or ‘minimizing designer’s involvement’ as a new graphic design principle. Therefore 'A Journey to Nothingness' introduces fundamental possibilities of minimizing the involvement of the designer through the timeline of graphic design history.