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Reality Interplay Anime

Anime is generally considered sole entertainment and not a valid form of art. In my project I deal with the general prejudice revolving the genre by taking the role of a translator in order to communicate the deeper narrative in addition to the artwork. In a range of works that combine the unfamiliarity of the anime world with elements from our familiar environments, I want to shed light on the speculative value of anime and how it can relate to and make us reflect on our reality.


Manga and anime: reformulating the frame of mind

Critical design has gradually become a tool and jargon for us designers to empower our discipline. The idea of critical design is having a statement about what defines us as the human race; politics, religion, ethics and so forth. I see this similarity in manga and anime, as they are constructed from a position of culture and sociology. Many of the narratives push on the sore spots of our principles and actions from the past, present and future.