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Spin and Share

Personal connection, bonding, cultural and generational sharing are what is lacking in today’s divided society. There is a need to have a closer bond between communities and connect in a new way by sharing stories. The backbone of my concept stems from the storytelling and symbolic values of the traditional American quilt. Instead of creating stories with kin, I connect and create stories with strangers. I invite visitors during the Graduation Festival to sit with me. While spinning them a yarn behind my spinning wheel, I capture their thoughts and a part of their emotional state. The outcome is placed into an emotive interactive installation.


De ontwerper als menselijk maatje, ambacht in ontwerp [The designer for human measure, crafts in design]

Two writers on crafts can learn us how crafts provide a human dimension in design. William Morris of the Arts and Crafts movement, wrote the utopian fiction novel ‘News From Nowhere’ (1890) about the ideal way of living without machines and daily objects handmade. Richard Sennett’s ‘The Craftsman’ (2008) tells us what constitutes good work in today’s world. Both Morris and Sennett see makers as influencers of all aspects of our daily life and with this come responsibilities. Designing by the use of crafts lead not only to an attentive work method but also a work attitude: work for the sake of the work itself, doing it in such a way that it will benefit society. This way the designer becomes a human buddy bringing human measure into design.