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Stage of Truth

The installation ‘Stage of Truth’ is a symbolic setting of manipulated information powered by the one who is speaking. Authorities use speeches to influence public opinion and strengthen their position. Autocue is an ideal but rigid medium to bring across well prepared messages. We are used to politicians, in the typical setting of a press room, reading prefabricated texts from autocue and make us belief it is the truth, that it is factual. Facts are considered to be neutral and objective. Contrary, emotions are considered to be subjective, changeable. Therefore truth is fluid and meaning can be altered. This installation explores the ongoing psychological game that is used by authorities, either for positive or negative matter.


A Fateful Junction

The role of a designer in this digital age of mass media is changing. A designer can be considered to be a producer of media. He, the receiver and the context are interacting and are continuously subject to change. A designer is by definition not a ‘neutral transmitter’ of information and he must be capable of critical introspection and take position.

The thesis ‘A Fateful Junction’ deals with adopting a position as a designer and discusses the relation between communication and graphic design and how influence is exercised. Influence is defined from three levels: rhetoric, manipulation and propaganda. The context of design is further examined from a social, political and technological perspective.