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The Extended Colophon

The story behind a book is so much broader than what the current colophon tells you. The Extended Colophon is about this missing information, the data that gives us an insight into the people, process, time, material and locations involved in the making of a book. While the parameters shown are applicable to other books, the project focuses on five case studies based on genre and technique, and emphasizes the story behind the book and the importance of sharing it.


A Symbiotic Relationship - The hybrid craftsmanship within the book

What does craft mean in a digital age? As a student graphic design you learn to work versatile and digital work is now as common as analog work. But what about the role of craft in graphic design? For a number of years we students learn the craft of coding. Or can coding not be labeled as a craftsmanship? Is craft just performing analog techniques with your hands? I wonder if that is an outdated concept. Is craft not as heterogeneous as graphic design? And what would digital craftsmanship mean for traditional craftsmanship? The main question in this thesis is therefore: What is the symbiotic relationship between analogue and digital craft within the book? The role of the contemporary book will be investigated through several case studies.