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The Organisation Man

What is the habitat of the organisation man? The man who has made himself instrumental to a collective cause. The man who becomes his function. Organisation culture is often observed as neutral. The Organisation Man is a project based on three months of embedded research at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The resulting book is a written and visual diary showing how space, habits and language become an inescapable logic controlling its subjects. Everything is organised... but at what expense?


The designer as management consultant

This essay describes a world in which rationalization has gone too far, man is subjected to the system and which is characterized by a modern form of alienation. An alienation which is mostly manifest in bureaucratic environments where employees not only subject their labour, but also their personality, smiles and opinions to their function in the system. This alienation has penetrated to the signs, language and culture of organisations. Designers have contributed to this culture by brushing away contradictions in an endless synthesis of utility and aesthetics. This essay challenges designers to bring employees back to the drawing board and to have them determine their own cultural environment.