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Graphic Design (BA)

The Graphic Design department of the Royal Academy of Art educates its students to become critical thinkers and versatile practitioners, who develop outstanding concepts for visual communication. Its worldwide reputation is fueled by thorough high-level education, the investigative and conceptual approach in teaching, as well as the excellent quality in the field of typeface design and typography. Here, students are encouraged not only to find answers to the problems of tomorrow, but also to bridge the past with the future by appropriating skills which we call ‘craft 2.0’.

Students at our department learn to address the challenges posed by the rapidly evolving media landscape and the shifts in political power towards neo-liberalism. The ideal graduate is an investigative designer who is aware of current affairs, chooses his medium wisely, and is familiar with both traditional and new media. The current generation of graduates display their extraordinary conceptual and visual abilities, extensive knowledge of the profession and the world, strong technological curiosity, and highly developed social engagement.

The Graphic Design department proudly presents its graduating students in ‘My Opinion Is Bigger Than Yours’, a showcase of the extraordinary turn in the discipline of graphic design, where links between theory and practice, entrepreneurship and ethics, technology and craft, multidisciplinarity and specialisation become apparent, and the role of the contemporary designer is being redefined.

Roosje Klap & Niels Schrader, Co-heads of the Bachelor Graphic Design

Graphic Design (BA)