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Smartphones have become man’s best friend. We care for them, we make sure they are safe. We share our deepest secrets with them, we bring them along with us and they experience nearly every moment in our lives. But like all living things smartphones don’t live forever, and at a point in time we have to say farewell to our little friends when they die, or when they have become too old too keep up. But before we move on to the next smartphone; What do we do with our old ones at the end of their lives with us, and what happens to the memories (data) that they have gathered? Do they deserve a respectful farewell for all they have done for us?


Don’t touch with your eyes!

Like the eye the hand is playful too. In my thesis I explore the importance of tactility in graphic design and how digital communication has become more of an experience for our eyes and ears making our other senses less important. By looking at the past and understanding the value and expectations we have of materials and textures, we can understand how we have used these as references for the value of messages and use them to enhance communication through all mediums. Does the virtual world have an effect on the real one, and does the real world have an effect on the virtual one? And how can we make digital communication a better physical experience?