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I don’t like graphic design but I like furniture. I am a graphic designer but I am not a furniture designer. I don’t like digital but I like physical. I don’t like to go fast but I like to take it slow. I don’t like my work to fade away but to last long. The current status of my instability towards graphic design and furniture principles are shown in a set of furniture like objects. A chair on which you need to balance yourself, a set of pieces of a chair that you don’t know how to assemble as one, a table that does not function as it supposed to be and a bed that you have to make an effort to lean on. Each object loses its original function. The project Unstable is an attempt to cross the boundary of graphic design on a personal level.


Chair, Poster and Many other objects

How are graphic designers expanding into other design fields? How can creating furniture reinforce the work of a graphic designer? If you wish to find some answers of the questions, then go to https://kabk.github.io/go-theses-17-haewon-lim/ ;)