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Written in Stone

A project about the contrast between company values and reality. I want to help companies keep their own written values by using the rituals and indoctrination of religion. Being raised as a Christian I never dared to steal anything, because I was afraid of being judged by God. Although I don’t believe in a God anymore, I do think this indoctrination is exactly what a lot of companies need. I noticed that the marketing values of several companies are in heavy contrast with what is happening in reality. They need to be reminded, on a weekly basis, what their own written values are. Chanting and singing them with each other. Do this until they remember them during a business deal and ideally break off a deal because of their own values.


The Shield — From Weapon to Logo

An investigation in the use of the shield as logo and how the shield evolved from a weapon to its popular use in graphic design. Starting with making pictures of all the shield logo’s I came across, I investigated the use of this symbol in the Western world. It fascinated me that such an age old weapon is still used so frequently in logo/graphic design in the 21st century. A symbol that’s nearly 1200 years old, but still as popular in use as it was decades ago. Why are we so fascinated with this shape and form and why do we keep using it as a symbol of protection? In my thesis I take you on a journey of the shield from weapon to logo and show you its popular use in Football and Company logo designs.