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I want to fly in June

Imagine you are jumping on a trampoline, at the highest point you feel completely freed from any expectations and you experience a moment of delight. Everything around you seems to fade away and the time stopped ticking. Before you know it gravity is taking you down and the clock starts ticking again. In my project I try to beat gravity and be able to stretch that moment of being weightless a little longer. I want to experience the air and its freedom and use this as my benefit as a graphic designer.

I want to fly in June is a documentation of my attempts to fly and my flight itself. This is shown by graphical outcomes from my experiments. Can I beat gravity as a graphic designer?


I want to fly in June

You are falling into the emptiness. You are floating and for one moment you feel motionless. Everything around you seems to fall with you, though that is not so important anymore. You can't tell what is up or down anymore, you are totally disorientated. In my thesis I make a free fall together with my reader to answer the question: How can I summon weightlessness by using design? During my fall I pass different layers within the topic weightlessness and experience new ways to look at design.