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Reading machines

Most of the time, information comes in the form of a digital file. It’s not only about the lay-out of the page on someone’s screen, more importantly it’s about the navigation. How can I as a graphic designer make people focus more on reading texts from their screen? From the thesis I wrote about the digital reading field, I created a list with ideas for 21 typographical reading machines. In the project 'Reading machines', the list with 21 typographic reading machines were worked out over three different levels: a printed one, a digital one and an animated one. By playing and reading I want to give the reader a different approach on how to read and deal with a text.


The digital reading field

More often than not, people are reading from a screen instead of from paper. Buzzing phones, hyperlinks, an advertisement on the side and all the tabs open in the browser doesn’t make it any easier for the reader to focus on the text. On the screen it’s not only about the design of the page, the navigation is more important. In which way can the reader navigate through a large piece of text without losing focus? I looked at information as a digital map where we zoom in and out as readers. From the research that has been done for this thesis, a list was created with possible ideas on reading from a screen. How can I as a graphic designer make people focus more on a reading text from their screen?