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Manifest for the Anthropos: Extinction

Is it possible to glorify our wrongdoings and celebrate the Anthropocene? This term refers to the geological era in which human intervention forever altered Earth’s cycles, with climate change as a result.

This project builds on the beliefs of real world movements like the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement and explores a future scenario, 163 years from now, in which this ideology achieves mainstream appeal as a solution for the decaying of our planet. What rituals, movements and cultural shifts would arise, and what role would our media and advertising play in a world wherein our species is on their way to voluntary extinction?

Through ambient information the project speculates on the many voices that could be heard in this scenario.


Manifest for the Anthropos

70 years, it took humans to forever disrupt Earth’s natural cycles; products of millions of years of evolution. Climate change arose and the term Anthropocene was coined to refer to our current era. The Anthropos as a geological force. The thesis builds on the notion that humans ability to forever alter our atmosphere can be seen as an achievement, and looks for ways to glorify our wrongdoings, by celebrating the Anthropocene. This shift in perspective helps position the role of the West and the celebratory habits we developed.

I conclude that the West is likely to endorse the celebration of climate change, but do not provide a specific proposal for this celebration. Instead, I give variables that help envision how it could look like.