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Kateryna Gaidamaka (UA)




Internship at MILCH+HONIG designkultur

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”The new East in contemporary visual culture is not a reflection of a real space but more a multi-layered myth.” Nowadays East is as another world to explore new aesthetes to toy with as nowhere else can we find such a collision of the West and the East. The Internet is full of slumming fascination on “ugly” eastern aesthetics, while for me as a Ukrainian it is part of our history and context. Why is there a certain aesthetic attached to the new East and why does it suddenly seem so attractive? I am answering these questions by visualizing the context behind so-called “post-Soviet aesthetics”, functioning as a satirical tour on identity and cultural swapping.


When the USSR collapsed

There are many mysteries in Soviet history and fate of people and the Soviet state. It was the 90’s that put an end to censorship and created the impression of total freedom. The early 90’s, one of the most controversial times in the recent history of the former Soviet republics, was an era of cultural upsurge. What happened when the USSR collapsed, what was life like and what is the cultural aspect? Within my topic, I research a mainstream style that comes from the past. Explaining the link between 90’s of East Europe and nowadays of West Europe. How aesthetics of Post-Soviet block remains the same and what is the reason of that. I am exploring the scene of Post-Soviet individual and comparing it to nowadays fascination from western side