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Tools to misuse

You are invited to test what are the possibilities of interaction with a series of tools. Now, you have time to explore what can be done within the presented conditions. It is an ongoing event in which you can actively participate. You will not be aware of the time passing by. When taking part in this edition of the happening, it is possible that you will relax and experience some unusual ideas. The equipment is placed in a way that can question the recognizable way in which it operates. Not everything might be allowed and some rules may be present. The project is an ongoing process of testing the exhibited situation. The use is open for misuse.


All work and no play

Instead of wandering outside, we might be forced to just wander in our minds instead. It is increasingly difficult to do nothing, as we are faced towards the rush ‘on-hold’. The most common answer to the question: “What did you do yesterday”? might be “I went to work”. In order to avoid being trapped in such a mindset, being able to take time off and play in an alternate version of reality is a necessary tool. Improvised rules created in a free-time, ‘playground’ conditions, serve as an exercise in expanding one’s creative potential. Those self-driven constrictions offer possibilities for systematic work as a graphic designer. But, how can we explore this potential in the work environment? Is it becoming more difficult to not do anything?