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Experiences of a User

Supposedly the internet is a public space. While it was first seen as a medium which would let information flow freely and thereby make us more free, its limits are becoming more restrictive as we move forward. Nothing in this branch comes for free.

I deal with the contrast between the provider and the user. With Silicon Valley and startups on the one, us streaming and swiping on the other side, I question how both use their power to keep the other in check.

My project is a scheduled set of performances, videos and rituals that explore the possibilities of rebellion from within, that ask your friends for help, that lament the way the network draws us in and where we eat the food of this world-dominating industry.


Control and Question: About the design, the use and abuse of the commercial internet

This thesis is a scripted discussion between three characters: Gonzo, Optimo and the Renegade. They represent attitudes towards technology that were interpreted from people, active in the fields of design, technology and journalism. They discuss problems that occur in the overlap between designer and user with applications that have emerged from the internet over the last few decades. The chapters move from a general overview of the tech industry into more specific issues towards the end of the thesis, as to inspect different scales of influence. The characters constantly question the effectivity of design by looking critically at problems within this sphere, as well as their proposed solutions. This thesis is published on my website.