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Winner of the Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Graphic Design

Márton Kabai (HU)

Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Graphic Design




Internship at LUST

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The confession of the flesh

How to manifest the significance of the flesh in times of change? The transformation of the human condition is certain as the ecological, political and social crises suggest. The current belief in human progress and exceptionalism has been questioned. We ought to exceed our anthropocentric view and remind ourselves that concepts, ideas are made out of flesh and bones. In my video installation, I try to confront the mind with the matter through the unconscious to embrace the disconnection between them. I attempt to remind what we have been forgetting and altering is not only the environment (outer) but our very self (inner). What we are taking for granted is eventually in a constant, ongoing change.


Intensive spaces of becoming have to be opened

What are the consequences of the posthuman turn in graphic design? By departing from the postman (Braidotti) theory, I attempt to enforce the necessity of a post-anthropocentric turn in which investigative (graphic) design might have a significant role since it has a direct relation in social and political discourse. In search of the posthuman designer, who empowers resistance, questions the status quo, reveals uncanny truths, provokes awareness and reinvent making, I declare that (graphic) design is a possibility to reimagine fixed concepts, speculate on new becomings, and affect across disciplines. As well as the necessity to renew, the current form of design practice by finding peers from other fields of knowledge to ally with.