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Ninthe Kiemeneij (NL)



Internship at Random Studio - Amsterdam

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An Appeal to Fear

The term ‘an appeal to fear’ is used in marketing and politics to manipulate a voter/consumer by playing into their fears. In populist politics language plays a big role into maintaining but also constructing fears. How does the Dutch extreme right make use of language but also of their body language in order to emphasize their message? And how does the left wing try to persuade us? These differences and similarities in political language and choreography is my point of interest.


Concreet & Langdradig

The research question of my thesis is: will a bigger engagement to the physical and manual world result in a better development of concepts and execution for graphic designers? We are constantly in a state of change and adaptation due to the fast speed of technological growth, which has enriched our field immensely. But, many of these new media appear to drift off further and further from the more traditional methods, such as designing printed matter. The gap is most visible between the new media and working physically. My research showed that manual craftmanship is a necessary addition to the yet existing working methods.