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Censorship has a long history and is practiced in many societies. There have been book burnings by fascist regimes, religions censoring texts, and even social media is being monitored and censored by governments. Uncensorme.xyz is a decentralized, censorship-free communication platform that runs on blockchain technology. The inherent immutability of the technology allows us to store messages in the massively shared and spread database that is the blockchain. Any data stored in the blockchain is permanent, and therefore free from any form of censorship. Information wants to be free. Uncensorme.xyz is not only here for freedom of communication, but also the preservation of information.


Participatory Media and Memes as Pitchforks and Torches

Graphic design has always been largely dependent on technology or specific media, consider the printing press, posters, zines, photography, photoshop, and has always adapted beautifully to these new technologies and media. The designer moves himself past his official mandate, and appropriates new technologies in order to further develop the field. However, it seems like there is a new technology and a new medium that we haven’t quite adapted to yet, and it’s largely occupying the politically activistic field; The meme and participatory media.