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State of flux

By visualizing the state of flux in news coverage, value is added to the abstract behaviour of news. By embodying a live feed in a virtual reality platform, we are able to be touched again, investigating connections between the reliability of a news source tracking its progress from the start. We can see the behaviour of news whether this be a change in language, becoming more radical or even dramatic. By traveling back and forth in the media landscape we are able to filter connections giving insight in its vulnerability. How reliable is a news article? “State of flux” triggers the curiosity of the news reader by “tumbling down the rabbit hole”, actively participating within the live media content.



Typography in virtual reality is on the rise. A three-dimensional interactive representation of typography has a completely different impact on the experience of information. 3D typography could be both an improvement of typography in itself as well as a better way to communicate within virtual reality. How does 3D typography change the experience of communication? One objective is to analyse differences between the current state of typography and the potential migration to a three-dimensional atmosphere. We can do this by identifying the components necessary for change. The immediate objective of the thesis is to define the role of typography in a virtual environment, so that we might advance the experience of information.