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Inaestimabile Hermaphroditus

A visual puzzle that is dealing with gender in contemporary Western Society. The baby is used as a symbol of the threshold when a human is born intersex. There seems to be no place for something in between female and male. Considering the binary categorising system that society has, the sex of these babies is to be ‘chosen’ or ‘found’. Looking closer at the work, the audience might become aware that their view is literally and metaphorically coloured. Partly the work shows frustration with binary thinking in the re-enactment of stereotypes and gender presumptions still present in Western society. By playing with boundaries of the two sexes the work is asking for a deeper look at the definition of gender and sex.


Overcoming the Binary: The Influence of an Artist

Though in recent years one has opened the gender discourse, the Western Society is still living on binary ideals and standards. In history mostly men were in control of divisions of roles in society and assumptions were made about women. Luckily Feminism arose and women started gaining control of their lives and started questioning facts that were put into the world about them. In the 21st century the internet and pop culture are dominating and are shaping the contemporary youth. Therefore it can be a great tool to slowly overcome binary thinking when (pop)artists keep triggering questions about the boundaries of gender expression, roles and norms.