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Morrestein highlights the issues faced by children who grow up in homes that deviate from traditional households portrayed in the media.

I have offered a voice to Dutch children, between 6 and 9 years of age, who do not recognise the homes described in their bedtime stories or morning cartoons because they are faced with a different reality: financial difficulties, insecurity, family turmoil, unconventional structure, migration, etc.

Morrestein is a fictional neighbourhood in which, through illustration and animation, their stories are told.


Drawing Houses (A Deficiency of Domestic Representations in Media for Children)

My thesis examines the contrast between the representations of home in illustrated media for children, and children’s actual experiences at home.

Modern developments in the media landscape for children have lead to the simplification of imagery, increase of icon use and loss of realism.

Today representations of home are often based more on typicality, recognisability and properness than on reality, which disregards children’s actual experiences concerning family, culture and finances.