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Winner of the Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Interactive / Media / Design

Ignas Pavliukevičius (LT)

Royal Academy Bachelor Department Award: Interactive / Media / Design




Internship at At Lustlab and La Triennale di Milano with an artist Julijonas Urbonas

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Waterproof Heart

Technological innovation is growing up fast and this progress has led the world's robots and artificial intelligence into more accurate representation of the human mind, emotions and physical appearance. As the line between real and artificial is becoming blurrier than ever, could technology be considered as a metaphor for an organism? Can digital beings elicit empathy and when are we going to decide how we feel about them? By questioning emotions of a robot, could we understand the meaning of being a human being?


Meeting The Gaze of A.I.

The rise of artificial intelligence development made machines more complex by allowing them to complete not only mechanical, but also cognitive tasks. Though the consciousness, emotional intelligence, behaviour, body expressions and cognitive levels of technology mimic humans, technology is still seen as unnatural and lifeless. Even if A.I emotions are simulated to mimic human emotions, could A.I be seen as emotionally sentient creatures?
Could looking in to the eyes of an emotional A.I help humanity to meet oneself? Just as technology has helped people for thousands of years, could a feeling A.I help people to think and feel outside themselves, teaching people about their emotions and empathy towards other creatures?