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Interactive / Media / Design (BA)

This year’s I/M/D graduating class is a small, tight-knit group of students that pack a hefty creative punch. In equal parts vulnerable and resilient, critical and empathic, meticulous and intuitive, this small band of Interactive/Media/Designers prove the old adage that "big things come in small packages" to be true. All of us at I/M/D proudly stand behind the "big things" this class decided to say and share.

Our 2017 graduates are relentless in their pursuit to re-examine systems, whether of the body, emotions, truth, institutions, or data. Coming from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise — about 7 nationalities are represented in these graduates — they connect through a shared concern for ethics and a true post-digital sensibility. They are a serious, hard-working group and are arguably one of the most sensitive "packages" of students that our department has had the pleasure to work with.

This class collectively received the highest marks and created some of the most surprising works our department has ever seen. No matter what you put in front of them, they’re game. In fact, they have thrived. They have thrived at times through healthy doses of humorous interjections, at times through tears, at times through debates about the amount of green in a perceived yellow; through cardamonscented oily red wax, through abandoning a blindfolded instructor after 8 plus hours, through a semester of grappling with a mouldy corner of the ceiling. We sincerely thank them for their creative, positive, and participatory spirit.

Now we arrive at the outcome of four years of hard work by students traversing and thriving inside of in-between places. We arrive at the "big things" from a "small package" of I/M/ Ders. The outcomes are as diverse as their backgrounds. Among the media and methods represented are documentary film; VR; curatorial practice; illustration; animation; installation; protest; sensory-hacking; sound design; sculpture; and more. And, the topics for the theses and artistic research range from gender to home; language; muscle control; smell; humor; artificial intelligence; documentation in the era of post-truth; data hoarding; the purpose of art school itself…and more. Quite the patchwork collection. The connecting point to this myriad of work echoes that which binds our 2017 graduating class as a group: each project reflects an urgent sense of social awareness and responsibility. Their outcomes remind us that artists and designers can, and should, play a role in steering or calling attention to the direction that we all — as humans — are heading. They are each true trail-blazers working to change the way people interact with the systems, social structures and conventions currently in place.

We are extremely proud of what they have accomplished. Thank you, small I/M/D package of 2017, for being so very game. We wish you all the best moving forward to more "big things".

Janine Huizenga, Head of the Bachelor Interactive / Media / Design

Interactive / Media / Design (BA)